Know that your data is secure with our cybersecurity solutions.

HIPAA Compliance

Everything you need to become and stay HIPAA compliant.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Free Cybersecurity Consultation

An assessment of your business’ risk and preparedness for cybersecurity threats.

  • Identify vulnerabilities
  • Determine the likelihood of an attack
  • Evaluate your business’ readiness to deal with attacks

BCSP System Secure

HIPAA requires that electronic protected health information (e-PHI) is encrypted when not in use.  Our system makes data encryption easy.

  • Meets HIPAA compliance for protection of e-PHI
  • Prevents a breach if a computer is lost or stolen
  • Easy to use

BCSP Managed Firewall

A perimeter firewall provides protection from bad actors on the internet.

  • Defends your practice against most threats you will encounter
  • Industry-grade firewall
  • No hassle – we manage the firewall

HIPAA Compliance Services

Free HIPAA Gap Assessment​

An overall HIPAA health check to identify items that need improvement. We will:

  • Check policies and procedures relating to HIPAA compliance.
  • Evaluate infrastructure readiness including system backups, maintenance, and general security.
  • Discuss past security challenges

HIPAA Risk Analysis

A thorough examination of infrastructure in relation to the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rule.  We will:

  • Educate healthcare providers of their obligations under the HIPAA Security Rule
  • Review  training and documentation requirements for HIPAA compliance
  • Perform vulnerability scans (internal and external)
  • Identify potential threats and vulnerabilities
  • Assess current security measures
  • Evaluate potential threats and the impact of a data breach
  • Determine the level of risk to your practice


A yearly inspection of an organization with an existing and valid HIPAA Risk Analysis.  We will:

  • Review your current HIPAA Risk Analysis
  • Review personnel training needs
  • Evaluate existing HIPAA audit controls
  • Perform a yearly internal and external vulnerability scan

Security / HIPAA Training

This engaging, in-person course covers everything your staff needs to stay HIPAA compliant including: 

  • Engaging, in-person training
  • Review of policies and procedures needed to stay HIPAA compliant

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