Welcome to the Scratching Post

Welcome to the Scratching Post

You give your patients high-quality, personal care. Black Cat Security partners aims to give your practice the same kind of high-quality, personal care.

Part of that care is educating our customers.

You educate your patients so they can make better decisions about their health. We educate our customers so they can make better decisions about compliance and cybersecurity.

We provide resources to help our customers understand their responsibilities under HIPAA. We also discuss this with our clients as part of a HIPAA Gap Assessment, HIPAA Analysis, or HIPAA Audit.

Staying secure also means keeping ahead of the changing landscape of vulnerabilities and threats. Bad actors on the internet find new ways to attack businesses every day, so our security systems have to evolve, too.

We work to keep our customers and their patient data secure in this evolving landscape.
This blog is a resource of current information for our clients, including:

  • HIPAA regulatory changes that affect our customers
  • current vulnerabilities and cybersecurity threats
  • trends we are seeing
  • case studies
  • how to become and stay HIPAA compliant

Black Cat Security Partners aims to provide every service that you need for HIPAA compliance and Security – including serving as an information resource to our customers.

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